Swedish center for school biology

Our commission, given by the Ministry of Education and Uppsala University, is to support and inspire teachers in preschools, compulsory schools, upper secondary schools and in adult education by

  • supporting discussion and exchange of ideas between teachers
  • work for raised competence at all levels of biology teaching
  • giving advice for practical work in the laboratory
  • promoting development of outdoor education
  • supporting an integrating view of life science
  • giving information about current development within the biological field
  • supporting and promoting contacts between research, school and industry
  • stimulating discussions about sustainable development and ethical questions.


The center has four employees:
Ammie Berglund  ammie.berglund@bioresurs.uu.se
Lisa Reimegård    lisa.reimegard@bioresurs.uu.se
Ida Solum             ida.solum@bioresurs.uu.se
Kerstin Westberg  kerstin.westberg@bioresurs.uu.se