Linnaean lessons – Inspiration for knowledge

Linnaean lessons – Inspiration for knowledge is an inspiration booklet. Each chapter is arranged according to the stories of Linnaeus’s life and activities linked to short factual texts and practical lesson suggestions.

Based on stories from the 18th century we look in to our own time and think about how the future might look like. The lyrics in the booklet is designed for Teachers in preschool, as well as in primary, secondary and adult education.

The booklet divided into chapters

The life of Carl Linnaeus

The teacher
Linnaeus was a highly respected teacher and attracted hundreds of students to nature rambles and lectures. How can the natural sciences in today’s school be made more exciting and fun?

The 18th century
This chapter is mostly about the life in Sweden in the 18th Century.

The Scientist
Linnaeus was a very successful researcher and respected scientist, and remains today one of the most internationally well-known scientists. How can we continue the work of Linnaeus?

The Physician
Linnaeus was a committed doctor and sought cures for the serious diseases of his age, such as malaria, which was common in 18th century Sweden.

Journeys in Sweden
Linnaeus’ travelogues from all over Sweden describe nature, daily life and society in 18th century Sweden. These descriptions throw a perspective onto our own time, and allow us to find similarities and differences between then and now.

The Apostles
Linnaeus’ scientific ideas and principles were spread all over the world by his students on their journeys. Carl Petter Thunberg, for example, described the natural life and society in Japan, a country that at the time was almost totally closed for westerners.